How to Cut Costs on Folding Carton Packaging Without Compromising Quality

How to Cut Costs on Folding Carton Packaging Without Compromising Quality

How to save money on folding cartons without losing quality packaging

No matter what type of product you’re sending out to customers, you’ll always be thinking of your bottom line. The good news is that there are several different ways that you can cut costs on folding carton packaging without sacrificing quality. Here are some cost-effective packaging tactics that will allow you to maintain the integrity of your product and company:

Partner with an Experienced Printer

The first thing you should do to cut costs on folding carton packaging is to partner with an experienced printer. They’ll work closely with you to make sure that the packaging is right for the product that you’ll be selling. Since an experienced printer will have worked with hundreds or maybe even thousands of clients, they’ll understand what works and what doesn’t. We suggest that you use this to your advantage.

Use the Smallest Packaging Possible 

One of the easiest ways to waste money on product packaging is to use a package that’s too big for your product. Even though a small amount of extra packaging might not seem like a big deal for a single item, it can quickly add up once you’re printing thousands of boxes. What you want to do is use the smallest package possible, which will save you money on materials and help reduce shipping costs.

Choose Eco-Friendly, Recycled Materials

There’s a huge push these days for companies to use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Many recycled materials will cost less than newly created ones. But, even if you don’t get a deal on the cost of materials because they’ve been recycled, you can at least appease many of your eco-aware customers. These costs could be offset by higher profits due to making a good impression.

Stay Aware of New Package Innovations

There are new and exciting innovations in the packaging industry coming out all the time. You need to keep your ear to the ground and pay attention to these changes. By doing so, you can more easily identify innovations that you can use to your financial advantage. This can include anything from robotics that are used to put packages together to new material alternatives.

Test Out New Packaging Design Options

If you notice a new packaging design option that might work for your product and save you money, then you should definitely take the time to test it out. The trick here is to purchase this new packaging in small quantities. Although this might be a little more costly at the get-go, you’ll have a lower risk of wasting a bunch of money in the event that you don’t like the packaging once a big production run has been completed.

Avoid Having a Bunch of Empty Space on the Cartons

This goes back to what we said about using the smallest package possible. One of your goals should always be to avoid having a large amount of empty space. While it might not seem like a big deal to have an inch here and an inch there of empty space, this can quickly add up. Take a look at how your product is organized inside the package and decide if you can reduce any of the empty space by using slimmer dividers and other packaging solutions.

Use Paper or Plastic Packaging Inserts

If your box contains several products, then you should consider using paper or plastic packaging inserts. This is an inexpensive way to add an extra layer. You might also want to place a bit of padding between the products. When someone opens the box, each part is basically unveiled. Not only do inserts not cost a lot of money, but they create a great unboxing experience in case any of your customers do that kind of thing on TikTok or YouTube.

Minimize Returns with Proper Packaging

Another way that you can cut costs on folding carton packaging is to minimize the number of returns. After all, every return of your product is going to cost you money. You can help minimize the number of returns with the use of proper packaging. In other words, use packaging that keeps your product secure so that it doesn’t get damaged during shipping.

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