The Future of Custom Product Packaging

The Future of Custom Product Packaging

What does the future of custom product packaging look like?

It’s no secret that custom product packaging often shifts gears every few years. That’s why it’s important that we keep up with growing trends. Many of these can be applied to folding carton packaging in both the way it’s made and how it’s designed. Here’s what the custom product packaging  future holds, to us anyway. We want you to have every opportunity to grow your business and sell your products, so let’s take a look at some of the custom product packaging trends to watch for in 2023.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We’ve actually been seeing this trend for several years now. Many consumers are attracted to companies that care about the environment. This is one of the reasons why the use of eco-friendly, sustainable packaging materials will continue to be a trend. The best thing to do is create packaging that’s made out of recycled materials. If not, at least make sure that your packaging is recyclable.

Focus on Minimalism

As we’ve discussed in the past, many companies are turning to minimalism as their primary design style. This has actually been popular for decades, but it’s especially true now. We expect that muted and monochromatic color schemes will continue to be popular throughout 2023 and, most likely, far beyond. If you’re not sure exactly what you want your design to be, go with minimalist packaging.

Bold or Crazy Fonts

Did someone say comic sans? Okay, so when we say that companies are going with bold or crazy fonts, maybe we’re not talking that crazy. But it’s true. Choosing a font that stands out is a great way to grab a consumer’s attention. This has actually been a nice change from the over-the-top logos and graphic designs that we’ve been noticing in recent years. Yet it still conveys a sense of alertness about the packaging and the product being sold.

Upscale 3D Artwork

While many companies are trying minimalism for the first time, others are going in the opposite direction and providing upscale 3D artwork. These types of designs provide a sense of depth, giving artists plenty of opportunity to strut their stuff. A popular marketing trend for upscale artwork has been integrating the psychedelic designs of the 1960s. If you’re a company that’s trying to convey to the consumer that you’re looking toward the future, this might be the perfect design.

Simpler Use of Words

In case you were unaware, Google’s newest algorithms prefer quality content over what’s often referred to as keyword stuffing. This is because consumers have decided that words matter. They don’t want to be inundated with multiple buzzwords or other catchy phrases that don’t really mean anything. Instead, every word you choose should be selected very carefully as a way to emphasize your brand or product.

Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging has been popular for quite some time, but since the pandemic, it’s changed a bit. That’s when the use of QR codes became popular again. In fact, after having lost some popularity prior to 2020, QR codes are now basically everywhere. Since they’ve gone mainstream, you should consider adding one to your packaging so that consumers can more easily be given information about the product, be directed to your website, or take part in an augmented reality feature. Transparent Materials Transparency comes in two forms. First, consumers expect companies to be more transparent in the way they present their products, such as in the information provided on the packaging. Second, transparent materials are used in much of today’s modern packaging. This allows a potential customer to see the product that’s being sold to them. You can make the entire front of a package transparent or just provide a small window where the consumer can glimpse the product or an element of it.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations have always been popular, but they’ve been getting a ton of attention lately. That’s because there’s this kind of push to celebrate artists and the work they do. Instead of going with tried-and-true, ready-made designs, you may want to hire a professional artist and have them create a custom illustration for your product. The best way is to choose someone local or perhaps unknown and give them a shout-out on the package.

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