The Process Behind Creating Custom Folding Carton Packaging for Your Business

The Process Behind Creating Custom Folding Carton Packaging for Your Business

Creating Custom Folding Carton Packaging 

Designing custom packaging for products takes a lot of dedication and research. After all, you want to make sure that your folding carton box is the very best it can be before you take it to market. Many businesses ask us what steps are involved in creating custom folding carton packaging that will help them sell their products and get more attention. Today, we’re going to take a look at the process behind creating high-quality custom packaging so that you can feel more empowered to design something unique of your very own.

Choose a Basic Design

The first step in creating custom packaging for products is to figure out a basic design. This includes details such as the shape of the custom box, the best colors for your product, any illustrations you’d like to add, etc. You’ll also want to decide the size of your folding carton. Try to remember that the smaller you can make the packaging, the less you’ll need to pay for materials, shipping, etc.

Add Special Features

Once you have the basic design figured out, you can decide whether or not you’d like to add some special features to the folding carton packaging. There are many exciting features to choose from, and here are a few of our favorites:
  • Eco-Friendly Materials — It seems that every day, another person becomes more conscious of the environment. Since consumers are often looking for ways to go green, you should consider doing the same. Using eco-friendly materials, which may come down to something as simple as recycled cardboard, is a great way to impress existing and potential customers.
  • Interactive Technology — In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a big interactive technology trend going on right now for loads of businesses. It’s called a QR code. This eye-catching code was developed many years ago but became especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be used to point customers to your website, social media, or other places to provide information about your product.
  • Transparent Window — Another special feature that many companies are adding to their packaging designs these days is a transparent window. With this window, you can give customers a sneak peek at your product. You can also use it in a functional way by allowing them to touch or otherwise interact with certain products to create a better customer experience.

Learn About the Market

Designing custom packaging for products is about more than just the packaging itself. If you really want to make a splash, then you need to spend some time learning about the market. You need to construct a buyer persona for your target audience and decide why certain people are buying from you and why certain people are not. You must also figure out what sets you apart from your competition and how you might be able to reach a wider audience.

Write the Package Copy

The next part of the design process for creating custom packaging for products is the writing of the package copy. This includes anything that’s on your packaging, which would include the name of the product, product descriptions, instructions, ingredients, business contact information, etc. Some businesses save the package copy for last, but this can be a mistake. If you create everything else first, necessary elements of your copy may not properly fit on the package that you’ve created.

Create and Review Graphics

This is the stage when you take the design that you’ve been thinking about all this time and put it to good use. This is the most creative part of the process, where you’ll make your final decisions on the layout, colors, fonts, etc. Once everything has been put into place, you’ll need to review the results and decide if any changes are warranted. This may be your last chance at making any alterations, so you should definitely make this part of the process count.

Print the Carton Packaging

Hold on. We spoke too soon. The last part of the process before printing the final version of your packaging is to create and test some prototypes. Basically, what you want to do is print up a few packages with your final design and test it out a bit before making a bulk order. Not only do you want to make sure that it looks great, but you also need to check the functionality. It’s imperative that the packaging protect the product inside, so don’t be shy about dropping, shaking, and compressing it to check out its resilience.

Contact Color Pages to Order Custom Packaging for Products

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