The Best Custom Folding Cartons for Your Business

Color Pages has spent years becoming the industry leader in custom folding cartons. This is for a wide variety of businesses throughout Florida. Our incredible staff of experienced designers will create a series of folding cartons that will provide ingenuity, beauty, and functionality to your packaging. With our help, people may even begin to recognize your brand by its product packaging alone.

Perfect Designs for Retail Opportunities

Take a look at any store shelf at your local department or grocery store. You’ll see that the number of products is almost overwhelming. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between competitors. Yet it’s often the best packaging that catches your eye first. Our team can create an eye-catching folding carton that helps your brand and product stand out.

Perfect Designs for Online Opportunities

Shopping online may be a much different beast from retail, but the concept is the same. You want a design that stands out. Color Pages has developed many different kinds of custom folding cartons that will stop online shoppers from scrolling past your products.

Custom Folding Cartons for All Industries

Color Pages certainly doesn’t have a shortage of industries that we provide custom folding cartons for. We’ve produced amazing product packaging for pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, medical supplies, cosmetic products, toys, and every other industry or product that exists. No matter what type of product you have, we can develop a folding carton that’s a perfect fit.


Brand Awareness Through Custom Cartons

Ever since McDonald’s introduced its first Happy Meal packaging, businesses around the globe have realized how important packaging can be to a company’s brand. When our team sets out to create a custom folding carton for your specific product, we always consider how your brand is being presented. We understand that the right type of packaging can increase brand awareness, and that’s exactly what we strive for.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Materials

At Color Pages, we’re very dedicated to helping the environment whenever possible. The base materials used for our custom-folded cartons are high-quality and eco-friendly. We’ve also gone to considerable lengths to reduce our carbon footprint.

Cartons Engineered for Every Budget

Not everyone has an unlimited budget. We’ve worked with all types of small and medium-sized businesses where every penny spent must be carefully accounted for. Keeping that in mind, we’ll work with you to arrive at a budget that ensures the best custom folding carton solutions for your products. We’ll also make all of our costs transparent, so there are never any surprises.

Turn Your Packaging Dreams into Reality

Perhaps you have the perfect product packaging in mind, but you have no idea how to make it a reality. That’s where Color Pages comes in. Our team will invite you to give us your thoughts on what you’d like your packaging to look like and how it should function. We’ll then turn that dream into reality by creating a fantastic custom folding carton.

Full-Service, Full-Access Design Team

Creating the best custom folding cartons in the industry isn’t done in a vacuum. As our team designs next-level packaging for your products, they make themselves available throughout the entire process.

State-of-the-Art Design and Printing

We always strive to be the best, which is why we’ve always invested in the latest design and printing technologies available. Our team is well-versed in many types of design platforms and applications that help create amazing folding cartons.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Folding Cartons

Color Pages will design and print custom folding cartons that will help your business get a leg up on your competition. If you have any questions about our design principles or printing services, call our friendly staff at (727) 530-3370 today to get a free quote and begin your carton design and printing.