How Recycled Packaging Became a Major Trend in Custom Carton Design

How Recycled Packaging Became a Major Trend in Custom Carton Design

Why is recycled packaging a great option for product packaging?

In case you haven’t heard, people now care about the environment. Okay, to be fair, people have been caring about the environment for a very long time. But it’s only been in the past decade or so that it’s become increasingly popular among consumers. This is why recycled packaging is becoming so popular. This trend has now made its way to every sort of company, from small businesses to mega corporations. Today, we’re going to explore why recycled packaging has become such a major trend and the benefits your company will enjoy if you decide to jump in feet-first.

How Did Recycled Packaging Become a Major Trend?

Recycled packaging has been around for decades, but it’s just recently become a major trend. The primary reason is actually very simple: awareness. Perhaps we can thank social media for part of it. No matter why it’s happened, the truth is that more people are aware of what’s happening to the planet than ever before. This has changed many things around the world, and one of those things is that consumers are more in tune with which companies are doing their part. They not only want the companies they do business with to take part in recycling, but many of them insist on it. This is a major trend that will likely continue to grow for many years to come.

Benefits of Using Recycled Packaging for Your Products

Many companies have been using recycled packaging for years, but just as many others are just starting to come around to the idea. No matter what type of product you’re selling, you can integrate eco-friendly packaging solutions into your business strategy. Here are just some of the benefits:

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

The environment has been a concern for a very long time, but it’s reached the point where businesses can’t ignore the problem any longer. It’s important that companies do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Using recycled or sustainable packaging is one way to accomplish this. You might not think your effort will make a difference, but together with other businesses, it will.

Impresses Eco-Conscious Customers

The idea of saving the whales used to be a far-off concept, but it’s one that has reached our households and businesses in the form of “going green.” Not only are many consumers doing what they can to help the environment, but they’re also insisting that companies do the same. If you can impress upon them that you’re environmentally conscious, they’re much more likely to see you in a positive light.

Free of Harmful Toxins and Allergens

Traditional packaging materials are made from petrochemical resources such as crude oil. This is a concern for anyone who worries about their health. Even though the FDA has approved such packaging because toxins and allergens are within a safe level, it’s much better to go with biodegradable packaging that does not contain these harmful elements.

Makes Your Brand More Attractive

Branding is an essential part of your company’s success. Many of today’s consumers are concerned that the brands they pay attention to are ones that promote eco-friendly causes. The use of eco-friendly packaging will make your brand more attractive to these consumers. That’s why you should always add a recycled label to your custom package.

Promotes Recycling Over Trashing

Even though there’s been a big push for recycling, many people still have a tendency to throw away cardboard and paper packaging. When they’re reminded to place something in a recycling bin, though, they’re more likely to do it, even if they’re not the kind of person who typically would. By using recycled materials and placing a label on your package, you’ll be promoting recycling over trashing.

Potential Viral Opportunities

If you can get your product to go viral, this can be a real boon for your company and brand. This often happens when a known streamer or influencer records an unboxing video. Many of the products that are chosen are those with customized packaging. If that packaging is made of recycled materials, you have an even better chance of being given this free form of advertising.

Improves Your Company’s Reputation

The bottom line is that the use of recycled packaging simply makes your company look better. It will instantly improve your reputation. This is very important these days because we live in an era where any negative publicity can cause your business to be harmed by bad press.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Recycled Packaging

Color Pages has been producing customized, recycled packaging for many years, and we’ve helped quite a few businesses find success with this strategy. If you have any questions about our excellent printing process or would like to place an order, contact our team today at (727) 530-3370.
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