6 Tips for Improved Medicine Packaging

6 Tips for Improved Medicine Packaging

How to improve medical product packaging with custom folding cartons.

Every industry has tons of competition these days, and the medical industry is no different. If you want to have any chance of marketing your products, you need to put a heavy focus on your packaging. If not, then consumers may never discover just how wonderful your products really are. It’s okay if your product packaging for pharmaceuticals isn’t quite up to snuff because it’s a simple problem to solve. We’re going to get you started by sharing some quick tips on how to improve your medicine packaging and then explaining what Color Pages brings to the table.

6 Tips to Improve Medicine Packaging

It can take a lot of time and effort to develop the right type of packaging for your medical products, but it’s an essential part of the process. Many companies are almost there but need a push in the right direction. To help you out, here are six tips that you can use to improve your medicine packaging:

Legible Medical Information

The most obvious way you can improve medicine packaging is by making sure that the medical information is legible. While this does seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many packages don’t make pertinent information clear enough. This can be a detriment to your product, not to mention inconvenient or even potentially harmful to a buyer.

Follow FDA Compliance

Being in the medical industry comes with a ton of regulations. Many of these regulations are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These are meant to protect the consumer while also standardizing medical packaging formatting, so it’s a must that they meet compliance at all times.

Evaluate Your Processes

If you’re looking for ways to improve your medical packaging, then it’s important that you evaluate every step of your process. This starts with the design phase, where all the decisions are made, including the materials used, the graphic design, etc. Then, take a look at the printing process, packaging of the product, marketing, shipping, delivery, and all other aspects.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Perhaps the most popular way to improve medicine packaging is to use eco-friendly materials and sustainable packaging. Many of today’s consumers prefer to work with companies that are trying to help the environment. The best strategy is to make your product packaging biodegradable and then slap a label on it indicating that it’s made from recyclable materials.

Optimize Packaging Safety

You always want to design medicine packaging that will keep your medical products safe and sound. You must ensure that the product is secure and won’t be damaged while being moved around. In addition to protecting the product, it’s also important that you provide tamper-evident features that will indicate when a package has been breached so you can protect the consumer.] Don’t forget that the package should be easy to open as well.

What Color Pages Bring to the Table

Color Pages has been involved with the printing of thousands of medical packaging products. Here are a few of the reasons that so many companies have put their trust in us:

Decades of Experience

Color Pages has decades of printing experience. We opened our doors in 1988 and have watched as the printing industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. Each printing expert that we employ has gone through rigorous printing training and typically has years of experience working with a variety of equipment and printing techniques.

Advanced Printing Equipment

Color Pages uses all of the latest and greatest printing technologies to ensure that we’re delivering superior packaging. This printing technology allows us to use multiple colors, create eye-catching designs, enhance speed and accuracy, create 3D preview models, and more. We also keep up with any technological advances and will upgrade our equipment to keep up with printing trends.

Partner with Colorfast

A few years ago, we decided to become a division of Colorfast Perfect Printing. ColorFast has been in business since 1965 and has done business with companies of all sizes. Thanks to their outstanding service and first-rate printing, we found it easy to integrate them into our own services and products.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Medicine Packaging

Color Pages provides custom medicine packaging that will help your brand stand out while staying in FDA compliance. If you have any questions about our printing process or would like to place an order, call our experts at (727) 530-3370 today.
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