9 Tips for Your Custom Soap Box Design

9 Tips for Your Custom Soap Box Design

If you sell soap or related products, here are a few tips for custom packaging designs.

Soap seems like such a simple product that many companies don’t spend a lot of time creating the box that it’ll be sold in. This is a huge mistake. No matter what product you’re trying to sell, you need to devote time to designing the best package you possibly can. Creating custom soap boxes takes dedication and a good deal of time and effort. Luckily, you have us around to help you out. Let’s take a look at some simple tips you can follow to create a custom soap box design that can help your product fly off the shelves like crazy!

Vibrant Colors Help You Stand Out

Walk into any bathroom and take a look around. You’re sure to find a variety of colors in every corner. One way that people love to decorate their bathrooms is with different colored soaps. These same homeowners will be attracted to the vibrant colors on their soap boxes as well. It’s an easy way to help your product stand out among other soaps and similar products.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

If you want your custom soap boxes to get attention from today’s consumers, then you should definitely consider making the boxes out of eco-friendly materials. Make your soap boxes out of biodegradable materials, and then stick a label on the box so that everyone knows about it.

Try Out Simple, Minimalist Boxes

Too many companies try to outdo each other by creating flashy, “busy” custom boxes. Soaps are not a complicated product, but they’re quite elegant. Therefore, you should consider using a simple, minimalist design. Keep all of your words and descriptions short; don’t go crazy with images; and don’t overwhelm consumers with a huge, overwhelming logo slapped across the front.

Focus on the Box’s Functionality

Make sure that you’re not spending so much time on the design. Functionality is also important. Pay attention to the durability of the packaging to ensure that it can withstand wear and tear during delivery and purchase. But even though the package needs to be durable, you also want it to be easy to open so that your customers don’t get frustrated trying to get to the soap.

Tell Your Story on the Soap Box

Today’s consumers want to connect with companies on a more personal level. They want to do business with companies they trust. One way that you can get them to engage with your brand is to tell your story on the box. Regale them with the tale of how your company came to be. Think about why you got into the business, and what you want to achieve. This can help you connect with your customers on a personal level.

Highlight Your Soap’s Ingredients

Many years ago, consumers didn’t really seem to care about a product’s ingredients. You could include a long list of preservatives on a food product, and it wouldn’t really matter. Today’s consumers are a bit more astute. They often want to know exactly what went into the product that they’ll be using. This will give them more confidence that the product is within their personal beliefs.

Note That Your Soap Is Cruelty-Free

Over the years, many products have used animal testing in a variety of ways. By and large, today’s consumers won’t stand for such a thing. While some may ignore such things, many will want to know that your product was developed in a cruelty-free way. Just be sure not to make this claim on your box if it’s not true, because that can be much worse.

Base the Box Shape on Your Soap

One thing that’s fun to do and will get attention is to base your custom soap boxes on the shape of your soap. Round or square boxes are fine, but if your soap has a unique shape then you should consider creating a custom box that’s shaped the same way. This is a great way to stand out.

Have Fun with the Final Box Design

After all is said and done, the soap boxes that will often get the most attention are those with a fun design. This could be anything from a background beach setting to a silly mascot on the front. If your soaps are made for kids, then the sky’s the limit.

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