The biggest change coming for the product packaging industry

The biggest change coming for the product packaging industry

What the Future of Packaging May Look Like

From folding cartons and eco-friendly materials to reusable containers and intricate styles, packaging design trends have changed a lot over the years. With emerging technologies and more social awareness, there’s no doubt that the future will hold some wonderful opportunities. Although we don’t have a crystal ball, here’s what the future of product packaging may look like:

Improved Printing Processes

With what digital printing can already achieve, it’s probably hard to imagine that it could get any better. But, while the process is efficient and the results are – not to be too dramatic – breathtaking, you never know what’s possible until it arrives. There’s no doubt that the future of packaging will include faster processing, improved 3D printing, and other technological advances. These advances will allow businesses to customize their product’s packaging.

Even More Personalization

Today’s custom packaging allows companies to personalize the consumer experience. Whether it’s with a divided folding carton or detailed information labeling. In the future, we’re likely to see more unique package opportunities that will allow businesses to better integrate design into their brand. This could take the form of QR codes, personal messaging, package sustainability, or emerging technologies.

Increase of Smart Packaging

If there’s one thing the future of packaging will include, it’s the use of smart packaging. While this is a catch-all phrase for any type of technology that’s integrated into a package, the possibilities are endless. Companies will be able to track packages, produce eye-popping visuals, monitor the status of a perishable food item, extend shelf life, display information, and more.

Larger Social Media Presence

Much to the chagrin of many parents, the presence of social media will only increase in the future. For businesses, this offers a huge opportunity in presenting their product and the product’s packaging. Unique packaging designs will no doubt continue to be featured in unpacking videos and other visuals ways, which presents a great business opportunity.

Intro of Augmented Reality

To see an example of what augmented reality could represent, you don’t need to look any further than popular mobile games. These games create digital experiences in the real world and successfully grow and become more popular each year. In the future, augmented reality will allow consumers to test products. They’ll even be able to examinie different packaging options. This new way to interact with consumers will no doubt help build brand recognition.


Although it’s been around for a while, nanotechnology is still in its infancy. In the future, it’ll be used to improve packaging by offering advanced tracking, theft protection, online connection, integrated product interaction, and more. We’re also likely to see in an increase in the use of bio-nano composites that may be able to replace eco-unfriendly plastics.

The Future of Eco-Friendly Custom Packaging

Now more than ever, consumers are acutely aware of their effect on the planet, and they want the businesses they buy from to follow along. Without a doubt, the future of packaging will have a big focus on becoming more eco-friendly options. Here are a few of the packaging solutions you’re likely to see from businesses wanting to lower their carbon footprint:

Increase of Cultural Awareness

It’s no secret that businesses are getting on board with “going green,” if only to satisfy the activist nature of so many consumers. The truth is that as time moves forward, there’s little doubt that more people we’ll jump on board the “save the environment” train. This means more businesses are likely to make changes to the way they handle production and delivery. This includes their packaging.

Increase of Recycled Materials

As businesses become more eco-friendly, we’ll see more of them using sustainable packaging materials. This may include recyclable packaging, cartons made out of recycled materials, and custom packages made from certain foodstuffs. We’re also likely to see an uptick in the use of sturdier, reusable packages. While less eco-friendly materials will still be in use, such as certain plastics, their use will narrow.

Better Branding Opportunities

While the environmental impact of going green is worth the effort all its own, this also will continue to improve branding opportunities. More businesses are likely to find ways to make their recycling and sustainable packaging an important part of their company’s messaging efforts. If done right, consumers will immediately identify the brand with their environmental impact.

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