Types of Product Packaging for Food

Types of Product Packaging for Food

Types of Folding Cartons for Food Packaging 

Custom packaging for food has always been a great way to attract customers. But no type of packaging has been as popular or effective as folding cartons. There are several different types available, so we’d like to give you a quick rundown of your options. We’ll also explain why folding cartons are the best choice for many food products. Folding cartons have proven to be the most effective types of custom packaging for food options available. Here are four of the most popular types of folding cartons on the market:
  • Two-Piece Box — As the name suggests, this folding carton is split into a top half and bottom half. Inserts can be easily placed inside the bottom to separate individual food items.
  • Auto-Lock Bottom Box — During assembly, the bottom of this box automatically locks into place. These boxes are the strongest choice and are designed for heavier items.
  • 1-2-3 Bottom Box — Named for the number of steps it takes to assemble, this box also does great with heavy objects. Although not too many foods require this type of box, companies often use them for high-end beer and spirits.
  • Sleeve Packaging — With this type of packaging, a sleeve is placed over a container box, and then you simply slide the box away from the sleeve.
  • Custom Box — Last but certainly not least, customized folding boxes can be created for a company’s specific needs. This is always considered a more premium package because of the work that’s put into it, but it’s the perfect solution to help a product stand out.

Benefits of Folding Cartons for Food Packaging 

The types of custom packaging for food available in the form of folding cartons listed above will provide you with a variety of options. No matter which one you choose, however, you’ll be able to enjoy these amazing benefits:

Quality Construction

The first thing you might notice about folding cartons is that they’re quite sturdy. The paperboard used for this packaging effectively protects and preserves food, as needed. You can also have packaging made out of corrugated cardboard that’s even more rigid and can handle heavier products without fear of damage.

Made to Fit Your Product

One of the best attributes of folding cartons is that they can be constructed to fit a variety of food products. Whether you want a simple two-piece design that holds chocolates, for instance, or a more complex folding design that displays the food for aesthetic appeal, it can be done. Inserts and cut-outs can also be used if your product has multiple food items.

Custom Design Options

Since folding cartons are made of paperboard or corrugated cardboard, you can design them any way you’d like. These types of materials can be decorated with a variety of colors, images, shapes, etc. Printing can be done very easily and you’ll get a perfect design every single time.

Branding Awareness

Like all other industries, food companies need to always be building their brand and finding ways for people to discover them. Designing a customized folding carton that stands out amongst your competitors is a wonderful way to gain branding awareness. When done right, your customers might even be able to identify your product just by seeing the type of box it’s in.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

There are a handful of food packaging materials available, including plastics, glass, etc., but none of them are nearly as eco-friendly as folding cartons. The paper-based materials are recyclable, of course, but you may also have the option of choosing materials that have already been recycled. Either way, this allows you to lower your carbon footprint, which will make you more popular among consumers.

Cost-Effective Solutions

When compared to other materials like plastics and glass, paper is easily the most cost-effective option to produce. It also has a lower weight, which can save you money on shipping the products to your company and/or save your customers money on delivery fees. Plus, since you can custom-fit the packaging, you’ll be using less material, which is another money-saver

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