How to Store Custom Folding Cartons and Packaging

How to Store Custom Folding Cartons and Packaging

How should you properly store custom folding packages?

Custom folding cartons and packaging are prevalent in the world of retail. These cartons store goods that have been manufactured and need a protective layer around them. Folding carton packaging is used for most materials, like food and beverages, cosmetics, and health products.

The main advantage of using this type of packaging is the ability to enclose a variety of materials. The cartons are very easy to fold, and in terms of aesthetics, they do not present a visual impact, plus it is possible to customize them with graphics.

How to Store Custom Folding Cartons and Packaging

1. Store Trays

Trays provide firm support for your custom folded cartons, allowing them to stand upright. Several types of trays, such as heavy-duty and lightweight ones, can be used, among others. The primary purpose of these trays is the convenience they give you in storing your custom folding cartons and keeping them in place.

2. Use the Right Envelope

Envelopes are used to organize folded custom folding carton storage. Finding the right kind of envelope might be more challenging if you look at the local hardware store. Because envelopes can look very similar, with only minor differences that are difficult for the average person to notice.

For example, some envelopes do not have a flap, while others have no lip on their opening. There are some envelopes designed only to store custom folding cartons. It can benefit you if you need to carry many custom folding cartons at once.

3. Select the Correct Size

When deciding on the size of your custom folding cartons and packaging, you must find a packaging supplier that can provide the type of trays that are best for your business. You can ask them what size folding cartons are best for your business and compare their recommendations to those on the market. The supplier can provide samples if you want to shop for custom folding cartons.

4. Consider Your Quantity Needs

The number of cartons you have will significantly impact how you store them. Product packaging suppliers can provide you with the bare minimum of cartons and packaging. They are trained to help their customers find solutions to their packaging problems.

5. Use the Right Blankets

Blankets are used to store folded custom folding cartons in an organized manner. This type of blanket is designed to stack your folded cartons in a layer without gaps between them. It is beneficial for the protection of your custom folding cartons.

They are available in different types, such as heavy-duty, lightweight, and with the top layer removed. Some even come with a handle that allows you to carry them easily.

6. Position them correctly

After getting all your custom folding cartons and packaging, you should put them in appropriate places that make it easy for you to use them again when needed. It would be very inconvenient if all your custom folding cartons and packaging were scattered around the whole shop, because this would make it harder for you to find the ones you need for your shipment.

7. Store Cartons and Packaging Properly

After ordering them, you should place them away from the heat and any potential damage. As a general rule, it is best for custom folding cartons and packaging to be stored horizontally so that it does not result in wrinkles or rips in them.

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