Are Folding Cartons Right for Your Products?

Are Folding Cartons Right for Your Products?

Custom folding cartons may be the best solution for your product packaging.

Folding cartons are popular and widely used as packaging boxes made of cardboard. When it comes to product packaging, carton packaging is an excellent choice. Folding carton packaging delivers stability, an impressive structure, and branding for your product. Folding carton packaging is also referred to as paperboard boxes, paperboard cartons, folding cartons, and carton boxes. Folding carton packaging is popular in stores all over the world. The right packaging will increase the consumer’s perception of the value of your product. Carton boxes have gained popularity throughout the years, and the switch to eco-friendly materials has made them more popular. It would be best if you took advantage of the printable area to display your product’s benefits and your brand. You can create stylish, beautiful, and memorable packaging that reflects and encompasses your message, story, and brand.

How is Folding Carton Packaging Used?

When picking out your product’s box presentation and design, you should consider folding cartons because of:

Shelf Appeal

“Great shelf appeal” refers to attractive packaging. Well-designed folding cartons will give the consumer an impression of reliability and quality. Carton boxes also provide plenty of space for you to display your brand’s logo and message. This packaging allows you to present a promotion and showcase your product’s benefits, along with your brand.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

When picking the best packaging for your products, consider the most environmentally friendly options. Consumers also care about the environment and would feel better knowing their products align with their views. Cartons are composed almost entirely of paper, which comes from sustainable sources. This allows you to connect with the portion of your audience that is looking to become more environmentally friendly.

Why is Folding Carton Packaging Popular in Stores?

Supermarkets dominate the beverage and food market, and the biggest supermarkets set out company standards regarding folding carton packaging.

Simple to transport

Paperboard cartons are ideal for shipping your products because they are durable and sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection. Customers will not buy a damaged product, especially food items. Retailers also expect their packages to reach the supermarket without damage.

Easy to Stock

Items that come in folding carton packaging make it easier for stockers due to their box shape, which is easy to stack. The carton boxes are often easier to reach for consumers because the stockers can come up with creative displays. It is crucial to find the right carton box design for your product that everyone will appreciate.

Certified Standards

Large stores require suppliers to meet FDA and health requirements for food packaging. Some standards include gluing, protective coatings, and substrate strengths. Our team is well aware of these standards and is ready to help you find the right folding carton solution for your products.

What is your Packaging “Goal?”

There are various solutions available to suit your specific needs, whether you need to pack beverages, food, electronics, or beauty products. There are various factors you should consider when picking out the best folding carton packaging for your products:
  • Budget: Folding cartons are relatively cheaper to use than other forms of packaging. This means you can get high-quality packages without going over budget.
  • Shelving: You should consider how your product will appear on store shelves. The presentation will determine what kind of folding carton packaging works best for your products. The right positioning will show the carton’s aesthetics, brand, and messaging. How consumers interact with your product is crucial.
  • Shipping: You should consider the number of units in a single shipment and your preferred shipping method.

Types of Folding Carton Packaging

All types of carton boxes have their own benefits, depending on your preferences. Businesses prefer quality carton packaging to showcase, store, and protect their supplements, cosmetics, beverages, and food. The various types of carton packaging used in retail stores include:

Foldable packaging

This is the most popular form of carton packaging. If the products are few, then the packaging is flexible enough to be done by hand. For larger units, companies use reliable, high-speed automation. Folding cartons are designed and tailored to convey the message you desire.


This form of carton packaging is better when selling multiple items together. The packaging ensures your items are steady and safe while protecting everything. Businesses do this in instances such as a “buy one, get one free” promotion. This often happens with products like yogurt, cereal, canned goods, beverages, and others.

Strength Packaging

This packaging delivers a reliable and solid structural design to protect your product from damage while shipping. Despite their high strength, the carton boxes remain foldable, printable, and customizable to put your company’s message across.

Color Pages can help you with Fast Folding Carton Packaging Design and Printing

If you’re ready to design and print folding carton packaging for your products, Color Pages is ready to assist you! Our team has years of experience designing the right folding cartons for products in all industries.

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