Custom Printed Folding Cartons are Better than Normal Packaging Options

Custom Printed Folding Cartons are Better than Normal Packaging Options

Why should you consider custom folding cartons over other packaging options?

Packaging is a big decision when it comes to whether or not your product is going to sell. Some companies use the normal bubble packaging that wraps around their product, others opt for eco-friendly packaging, and others want something a bit more durable with custom printed folding cartons. The latter choice is often overlooked and underrated. Still, it can be the difference between successfully selling your items and having them just sit on the shelves. Modern packaging design has greatly evolved over the past few years, particularly in folding cartons. Nowadays, there are some great-looking designs with high-quality printing and designs. Here are five reasons you should consider custom folding cartons for your product packaging:

1. Environmental Benefits

There is a growing concern globally about the amount of waste we produce and how much of that waste is plastic. Plastic takes so long to degrade that it can stay in landfills for over 1,000 years. That’s not going to be good for the planet. Trees are being cut down to manufacture paper, so we are using more of our natural resources. The green movement is pushing people to try and recycle as much as possible to help save the environment. Product boxes that use modern folding boxes can help reduce the amount of waste produced. These custom packaging options don’t require any glue to assemble. Custom printed folding cartons can be made from recycled paper and printed with water-based inks.

2. Designer Appeal

People who see your product on a shelf will make a snap decision based on what it looks like. The first thing they notice is your product packaging. Normal packaging designs are generally dull. They don’t stand out. Many people will assume your product is low-quality compared to the rest because of how it is packaged. You don’t want people making assumptions about your items before they have even tried them out. You need to invest in a custom box to ensure they view you as a professional and high-end company. These cartons will instantly tell customers that you are a serious retailer who cares about the quality of their products.

3. Durable Packaging Solution for Fragile Products

If you have rocky roads, big dogs, or kids in your house, then you know that the packaging of your products is constantly at risk of getting damaged. It’s frustrating to spend a lot of money on a high-quality product to find that it is destroyed when it arrives at your door because of the packaging. Fragile items such as wine, glass bottles, and a wide range of foods must be packaged in paperboard boxes. These boxes can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heat, cold, and even rain. They are sturdy enough to resist damage. The customer can enjoy your product without worrying that it might be damaged before they even get a chance to try them out. The boxes’ structural design means they can be stacked as high as you need them to be. It is possible to ship items and then store them in a warehouse or a storeroom without worrying about them being damaged.

4. More Flexibility With the Custom Printed Cartons

Normal packaging solutions are rigid and inflexible. When you have many products of different sizes, this can cause problems. If you sell various products, they are all likely to be different sizes. You must package them together without compromising the products or the box. Product packaging for pharmaceuticals must also be easily stacked and transported. With custom printed folding cartons, you can get as many items in them as you want. You can maximize your space to get as much in one corrugated box as possible. That is what you’ll want to do if it’s going to be shipped. They are designed to be shipped flat and stored easily when they aren’t in use. It is easy to store and organize them in a shop or warehouse.

5. They are Cost Efficient

Shipping costs can quickly make or break your business if you sell online. Normal packaging solutions can cost a lot to ship. You will likely end up spending more money on postage. Folding cartons are much more cost effective to produce. They are also easier to pack and ship. You can increase your profit margin by packaging your goods in custom printed folding cartons. Custom printing is a great way to turn your business into a more professional and attractive one for potential customers. The digital printing process ensures that your customers will be impressed with your product.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Folding Carton Design and Printing

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