What Customers Appreciate about Custom Product Packaging

What Customers Appreciate about Custom Product Packaging

Why do your customers care about custom product packaging for your brand and products?

The package that you choose for each and every product says a lot about your company. It tells consumers whether or not you’re willing to take the time to design packaging that is both functional and appealing. When designed right, a single product or even your entire brand can see massive success. You don’t have to take our word for it. Look around and you’ll easily see how important custom product packaging has become for many consumers. To help you out, we’ve put together just some of the reasons why customers appreciate a customized package:

They Love the Attractive Visuals

The simplest reason people love custom product packaging is because it’s visually attractive. If you can create premium packaging designs that immediately draw a person’s attention, you’re more likely to make them a fan. Just keep in mind that this is only a small step because you’ll still need to wow them with the product itself. Obviously.

They Get Something Unique

There’s a ton of competition out there and, unfortunately, many brands tend to ape each other’s package designs. If you can create a custom package that stands out in a crowd and is unique in some way, you’ll already be one step ahead. It may sound strange to think that a consumer will get so excited over a product’s packaging, but it happens all the time — if it’s different than the status quo or simply very well-designed.

They Can Easily Identify Your Brand

Your brand is basically the lifeblood of your company. The more you can do to be identified by that brand, the more likely you’ll be extremely successful. If you look online at a variety of products, you’ll probably be surprised at how much custom product packaging has become a part of many companies’ brand messaging. This branded packaging leads to a high level of customer retention and interaction.

They Appreciate the Effort

Today’s consumers don’t like too many companies that are just sitting around bringing in the money and not seeming to be appreciative. If you just throw out any ol’ package design to the marketplace, then they won’t think they’re worth your time — and that means you won’t be worth theirs. By taking the time to design custom product packaging, you’ll be one step closer to having a loyal customer who will come back again and again.

They Love Unboxing Opportunities

Whether or not you understand the allure of unboxing videos, the fact is that they’re quite popular. Even if a customer doesn’t have a YouTube channel where they unbox items, many people love to share customized boxes and other packaging on their social media. This means there are opportunities where your customers will do part of your marketing and advertisement for you.

They Care About the Environment

Many customers feel strongly about taking care of the environment. Often reflected in the types of products they purchase. While they might not be willing to give up their electronic devices, you can bet that they’ll fully expect you to do your part in lowering your company’s carbon footprint. This is why many companies have designed custom product packaging that is either sustainable, renewable, or reusable.

They Enjoy Celebrating Products

If you haven’t already noticed, today’s consumers — especially the younger ones — love celebrating products that they adore. It often seems like a sense of pride for them to discover something cool and new amongst their friends. This powerful word-of-mouth marketing is a lot easier to achieve when the entire product is something they can show off — and that definitely starts with the packaging itself.

They Appreciate Safe Shipping

It’s no secret that disgruntled customers will often turn to review sites like Yelp when they’re not happy with the company. Sending out a package that isn’t properly customized for the product can cause damage in shipping, which leads to a negative reputation. Consumers want to know that when they order something from you, it’ll arrive safe and sound, which is a benefit of customized packaging.

They Like Economical Packaging

When it comes to being judged by consumers, it often comes back to the idea of not being a wasteful company. Too often, businesses use packaging that’s simply too big for their product. Not only can this lead to damage, as we mentioned above, but it also means you’re using more materials than you need. Even if these materials are recycled, you definitely won’t earn any brownie points or customer loyalty this way.

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