5 Facts About Custom Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

5 Facts About Custom Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

Facts About Custom Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry takes every part of their product seriously, including the packaging. They can’t leave anything to chance and are involved with design as any other industry. Here are five facts about pharmaceutical product packaging:

Helps Identify Your Brand

Just like every other business, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to build a brand that their customer base can easily identify. The use of custom packaging is one of the best ways they can make this happen.

Protects Against Damage

Since medication is important for helping people feel better, it’s essential you protect what’s inside the package. Physical damage can occur during shipping, but what you need to be concerned with is environmental damage. Contaminants such as moisture and dust have the potential to degrade the quality of a pharmaceutical product.

Eco-Friendly Opportunity

Creating a custom package for a pharmaceutical product gives your business the opportunity to display solidarity with people who care about the environment. Eco-friendly and/or sustainable packaging will help show you’re doing your part for the planet. This trend has been growing in recent years and will continue to evolve in the future.

Printed Information Leaflets

Although custom pharmaceutical product packaging refers to the package itself. This also includes the printed information leaflets found inside. While it’s true many consumers ignore this leaflet, there are plenty who do read it. Make sure that it’s easy to understand, printed in many languages, and has all pertinent information.

Designed to Open Easily

While it’s important products are protected from elements, it’s important someone can open the package easily. You must keep in mind that many recipients will be elderly or may have physical ailments that make opening packages difficult. If you can incorporate some type of perforation or tab/slot mechanism, please do.

4 Design Tips for Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

Although you may not think too much about the importance of packaging design when it comes to pharmaceutical items, consumers definitely care. They are drawn to attractive and functional medical packaging designs in the same way they are drawn toward other industries.

Provide Pertinent Information

An important factor in pharmaceutical product packaging is to provide pertinent info to the consumer. You need to include such things as:
  • Usage directions
  • Proper dosage amounts
  • Active and inactive ingredients
All this information should be easy to read and understand so that potential customers can understand it.

Check the Competition

There’s no shame in checking out what the competition is doing. In fact, you can rest assured your own competitors have checked your packaging = as well. You never want to replicate their product packaging. Lest you look like a “Johnny-come-lately,” but there’s nothing wrong with being inspired or making note of what not to do.

Protect from Children Using the Products

The creation of medical packaging solutions is sometimes tricky. You must always think of the general public’s safety. Primarily, custom-printed packaging in the pharmaceutical industry must take kids into account. You must design packaging that will prevent a child from getting into the medication to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Consider Focus Groups

If you’re in doubt about your product packaging or want to get a handful of opinions, consider setting up a series of focus groups. These groups can be indispensable in figuring out what works and what doesn’t work about your package’s design. If you receive a similar note or concern from the majority, then you may want to consider making a change.

Keep the Design Simple

It can be fun to develop any type of product packaging, pharmaceutical boxes and other types of packaging are often a bit minimalistic. Yes, if you’re creating packaging for a child’s medication, then feel free to make it a little fun. For everything else, approach it in more of a straightforward, no-nonsense way. After all, you don’t want to come across as too flashy when marketing a treatment for a person’s ailment.

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