Tips for Adding Your Logo to Your Packaging Design Properly

Tips for Adding Your Logo to Your Packaging Design Properly

Why is the design and placement of your logo of your so important to your customers?

Whether you’re creating product packaging design for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beer, toys, or anything else, your logo – and how it’s placed on the packaging – is extremely important. Your goal should be to make a great impression with potential and existing customers so you can continue building your brand while selling your products. Let’s take a little time to discuss some of our favorite tips for creating an effective logo and how to properly place that logo onto your packaging.

Understand Your Company’s Brand

Long before you make your logo a part of your product packaging design, you’ll need to hire a professional to create it. It may sound unconscionable that a company wouldn’t understand its own brand, but this is where many businesses fail from the get-go. You need to consider your brand identity and then create a logo that reflects your values.

Make the Logo Easy to Remember

What can we learn from logos used by other companies? McDonald’s has the golden arches. Apple has an Apple, and Nike has the swoosh (taken from Greek mythology’s Winged Goddess of Victory). The point is that these logos are quite simplistic in design and extremely easy to remember. You know the company and what they stand for the minute you see these popular symbols. When designing your eye-catching logo, the last thing you want to do is make it overly complicated. If the image is simple, it will be more easily etched into people’s minds.

Consider Creating a Brand Mascot

If your brand lends itself to a mascot, this is a wonderful route to take. Many companies such as Cheetos, Planters, Wendy’s, Pillsbury, and Monopoly use a mascot as part of their logo. This also enables you to get inventive because you can use the mascot for product introductions, company videos, and a whole lot more. When done right, your mascot will be immediately recognizable.

Always Shoot for a Unique Design

You obviously want your logo to create a lasting impression on potential and existing customers, but this can be a little tricky. One simple (and obvious) rule is to always shoot for a unique design that will stand out among your competitors and even other logos. You can get inspiration from other businesses, but whatever you do, don’t copy a logo too closely or you’ll be called out for it.

Use a Proportionate Aspect Ratio

When businesses set out to create their logo for the first time, many of them start off having no clue as to how aspect ratio is involved. What this means is that a logo should avoid being too wide and short or too tall and skinny. These somewhat odd aspect ratios aren’t visually pleasing to most people and make the use of the logo in printed layouts a bit more difficult.

Create a Good Amount of Space

The best product packaging design is one that finds a healthy balance between visuals and information. The trick with giving your logo attention, however, is to give it its own space. If you stick it in the middle of a bunch of colors or among other design elements, there’s the danger of it getting lost in the mix. There’s no precise rule. But a good guideline is to maintain a border equal to 10% of the width of your logo. Choose Proper Package Placement There’s no exact science behind proper package placement, but there are a few guidelines you should consider: Symmetry – Consumers love symmetry because it’s visually appealing. This makes your logo easy to see and gives the design an overall balanced look. High Vs. Low – Some companies may place their logo in a low position on packaging, but a high placement is much more common. Left Vs. Right – The simple truth is that America is a left-to-right culture because that’s how we’re presented with most information. Logos on the left side of a web page are more likely to be remembered.

Only Put the Logo on Shipping Boxes

Your product packaging design will include several different elements in addition to your logo, including product details, instructions, and other visuals. Shipping boxes, however, are a completely different beast. This gives you the opportunity to place your logo – and nothing but your logo – as the centerpiece. This is a wonderful way to make an impression whenever someone orders one of your products directly from you.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Product Packaging Design

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