What is the Best Packaging For Cosmetic Products?

What is the Best Packaging For Cosmetic Products?

What is the best material for cosmetic packaging?

The cosmetics industry is one of the largest industries in the world and includes thousands of different products and brands. You can find a wide variety of products that are meant to improve beauty, heal skin, and other such benefits. Like any industry, you need to put a lot of thought into the type of packaging that’s used for your particular cosmetics product. How you design your cosmetic packaging can mean the difference between products flying off the shelf or being lost in the shuffle. Today, we’re going to explore different types of cosmetic packaging. This includes packaging materials, packaging qualities, and label qualities that you should consider when choosing packaging for your products.

Different Types of Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging involves a wide variety of beauty products, skincare products, personal care products, and other items that are meant to beautify and improve the way we look and feel. When choosing a type of cosmetic packaging for your product, you’ll need to consider these packaging details:
  • Single Product Box — If you need packaging for a single product, you may need a simple box with a flap that opens at the top. This is a very common choice and can be used for all types of cosmetics.
  • Multiple Products Box — For many items in the same package, you may want to opt for a wide box that sits flat and opens upward from the front. This allows for a fancy presentation of your cosmetic items.
  • Packing Boxes — The box that your cosmetics product comes shipped in is important for your business, too. You have options that include making it eco-friendly and presenting your logo loud and clear.

Different Types of Packaging Materials 

If you take a quick look at the beauty section of any store, you’ll realize that cosmetics packaging materials will often look quite different. There are two primary types of packaging materials that work best with cosmetics and similar personal care items:
  • Glass — Glass can be a bit costly, but it works when you want consumers to see the product in the container. This is why it’s often used for bottles of fragrances or jars of cosmetics. Glass can also achieve a certain level of sophistication that plastic often can’t match.
  • Plastic — Plastic is perhaps the most flexible of all materials and will work with a wide variety of cosmetic products. Keep in mind that there are a few different types of plastics available such as LDPE, PET, and HDPE. Each type of plastic has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Qualities for Cosmetic Packaging Types

What you’ll need to look for in cosmetic packaging will depend on the type of product you’re selling. In some cases — your own personal choice of style and functionality. Here are a few different qualities that you should consider when designing your company’s cosmetic packaging:
  • Light-Blocking — Certain skincare products such as essential oils are sensitive to light and will break down faster when they’re exposed to it. When dealing with a product that requires light-blocking, you’ll want to use either tinted or non-translucent packaging options to protect the product from the sun and other damaging light sources.
  • Anti-Corrosive — Some cosmetics contain high levels of acid, such as those that use fruit extracts, which can cause corrosion in certain types of containers like metal tins. These products will be contained in glass or PET materials, but metal can be used if there is a protective barrier.
  • Squeezability — When packaging gels or cosmetic creams, you need to consider the squeezability of the packaging. You want to make sure that the consumer won’t have a difficult time getting the substance out of the tube or other type of container.
  • BPA-Free — Although BPA — which is a chemical found in certain plastics — is mostly safe and used in a large variety of containers, consumers prefer their containers for facial creams and cosmetics not use it. For this reason, it’s best to use containers that are made from BPA-free plastics.
  • Eco-Friendly — Plastics play a large role in polluting the world’s oceans and overwhelming our landfills. If possible, create eco-friendly cosmetic packaging options that are biodegradable, recyclable, or easily refillable.

Qualities to Achieve with Skincare Labels

In addition to the product packaging itself, you also need to consider the qualities of certain skincare labels. Depending on the type of product that you’re selling, you may need to select labels with one or more of the following qualities:
  • Discoloration-Resistant — If your skincare product contains certain types of acids, your product label could become discolored if the acid makes contact with it. When designing your label, be sure to use materials that are designed to be impervious to this type of degradation.
  • Moisture- Resistant — Since many cosmetics and skincare products are used when near the sink or shower, you can only imagine what can happen to an improperly made label. For these items, you should always select water-resistant labels that won’t easily get moist and potentially peel off.
  • Oil-Resistant — Product oils and natural oils from your hands have a tendency of soaking into labels if the container is frequently touched. The good news is that you can find oil-resistant product labels to help keep them intact despite contact with these oils.
  • Brand Consistency — Lastly, you want your cosmetic and skincare packaging to fit with your company’s brand and the image that you want to convey. Whether you’re going for high-energy, fancy, or laid back, choose a design that properly fits your company.

Contact Color Pages for High-Quality Cosmetic Packaging

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