How Your Small Business Benefits from Custom Product Packaging

How Your Small Business Benefits from Custom Product Packaging

What are the benefits of custom product packaging?

Every part of a small business matters. Your logo matters. Your attitude matters. And, yes… your product packaging matters. In fact, with so much competition out there regardless of the size of your business, your packaging could either seal the deal or be the deal breaker.  Whether you’re designing product packaging for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or any other product, customization is essential. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of benefits of custom packaging for small business.

Branding Opportunity

Your brand is, arguably, your company’s most important aspect. When you create custom product packaging, you can use it as not only an extension of your brand, but as a way to cement it in the mind of consumers. Although you might not be competing at the corporate level of Apple and similar companies, you can look at the branding done by these businesses through their products and their unique packaging. If you handle things properly, your packaging could become just as recognizable as your product.

Make a Great First Impression

Whether a customer first sees your product online or at a brick-and-mortar location, the packaging will often be the first physical impression that you’re able to make. Even if it’s only done subconsciously, high-quality custom packaging can instantly spark interest in your target audience. When your package is purchased online and the shipping container is opened, that fuzzy feeling is likely to be repeated.

Products Fit Perfectly

Far too many product packages are badly designed and sized, leading to a bunch of empty space inside. This is simply a waste of material and can make your product seem a bit shoddy compared to your competitors. This can also cause problems with shelf space because your product may be taking up more room than it actually needs and may even be refused by certain vendors. If your product is small, just be sure that the packaging is a respectable size.

Great Bang for the Buck

Small businesses must watch every nickel and dime that they spend on their products and overhead. Custom packaging doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Once you’ve paid a professional graphic designer and manufacturer to produce the final version of your packaging, then you can have it reproduced over and over again, as needed. When done right, you’ll get a very good return on your investment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

One of the best customization options you have for small business packaging is making it eco-friendly. It’s very common for today’s businesses to use packaging that is either recycled, recyclable, or both, such as corrugated boxes. Depending on what type of product you’re selling, you may also be able to create custom packaging that can be reused for your product and other uses by the customer.

Protect Your Products

You know how we said that improperly sizing your packaging can cause loose space inside that looks shoddy? Well, in some cases, it can cause your product to shake around during shipping, which can lead to damage. Custom packaging can allow you to create an interior that firmly holds your product in place and provides proper cushioning, as needed, so the chances of damage are reduced.

Social Media Sharing

When done right, custom packaging can be a true visual treat. Since today’s consumers love to share their experiences on social media, this is an opportunity for you to turn every consumer into a brand ambassador. You can even encourage your customers to share your product and its packaging on their social media accounts for things like discounts or chances to win a prize.

An unmatched Unboxing Experience

It may seem somewhat strange that people enjoy watching other people unbox their packages, but millions of views don’t lie. If you can prompt a few YouTube channels to unbox your product, then you could gain hundreds or thousands of new customers in one fell swoop. Great products can be unboxed regardless of what you put it in, of course, but you can increase the chances by customizing the packaging.

Not Difficult to Change or Redesign

Sooner or later, you may feel like it’s time to change your package’s design. Perhaps trends have changed or maybe something just isn’t working as well as you think it could. Custom packaging for small business makes alterations very easy. You can make it completely different, tweak the colors, or fix the design in a very short period of time without interrupting your business flow.

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