How to Improve Product Packaging Design

How to Improve Product Packaging Design

How to improve your product packaging design for better results.

Many companies don’t seem to realize the importance of their product packaging design. They put all kinds of work and effort into building the company, creating products they can be proud of, and pay close attention to their online presence — but when it comes to designing their packaging, they fall flat. If your product is in a lackluster package, your target audience could pass you by and give their business to your competition. You can avoid this by learning how to improve packaging design. Our team has put together some suggestions that will help you take your packaging to the next level.

Give Minimalism a Try

Sometimes, learning how to improve packaging design comes down to simplicity. There’s a lot you can say about creating an extremely fancy design, but a lot of companies have found success by taking a minimalistic route. This is especially useful today because people are so bombarded by visuals on a daily basis that a little minimalism will be appreciated.

Eye-Catching Colors

A good way to always get more attention to your product is to use eye-catching colors as part of the package design. Although you don’t want to go too crazy with this, adding a few bold colors can draw a person’s eyes to your product. If your packaging design is amongst more mundane competitors on store shelves or even in an online store, these eye popping colors can help you stand out.

Think Outside the Box, Literally!

When you’re brainstorming on what your product’s packaging should look like, don’t limit yourself to traditional shapes, colors, and design options. Take a look online and find some companies whose packaging you feel drawn to. Then, figure out what works and why, and then create something a little out of the ordinary so that you can be in the upper echelon of product designs. Remember, you need to know your target audience to understand what they will resonate with to improve your chances of a sale.

Hire Professional Graphic and Package Designers

If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like your product packaging to look like, then you’ll want to turn to professional graphic designers for the job. A professional will be able to create custom packaging based on their years of experience working with various companies and projects. They’ll also be able to help you avoid making design mistakes that you’ll have to redo later.

Make It a Work of Art

If you truly want to have the best shelf impact possible, then you should think of your product packaging as not just functionary but as a work of art. Think of companies like Apple where their packaging design is just as stylish as its hardware. This kind of creative packaging is a wonderful way to make your package design a recognizable part of your company’s brand.

Use Recycled Materials

Many of today’s consumers are hyper-aware of the effects that they and others have on the environment. Not only do you want your packaging material to be eco-friendly, you should give serious consideration to making it out of recycled materials or designing it to be reusable. This type of sustainable packaging is especially good for marketing to younger consumers who often take a vested interest in the environment.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Many of today’s consumers are interested in the stories behind the brands that they’re spending money on. Telling your story — whether it’s your history or what you’re all about — in a series of images, along with a small amount of text, can go a long way to endearing certain consumers to your company. This is actually an underutilized way to introduce people to your business with every branded package.

Make Your Logo Clear

Your company’s logo is one of its most important branding elements, which is why it obviously must be on every single piece of marketing or product available to consumers. You always want your logo to appear very clearly on each package. A good rule to follow is to place a healthy amount of negative space around the logo. This will keep it separate from all of the other visual elements so that it doesn’t get lost in the visual shuffle, so to speak.

Use Creative Shapes

Millions of products come in boxes that are either rectangles or squares, so you might want to do things a little differently. If your product can be placed inside a box that’s shaped as a triangle, hexagon, octagon, or other shape, it’ll stand out in the crowd. You may want to look at expensive alcohol brands for inspiration because they often have a unique shape to them.

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