What is Folding Carton Packaging?

What is Folding Carton Packaging?

An Overview of Folding Carton Packaging

Folding carton packaging involves the use of versatile cardboard to package the products you use the most. There are also many foldable boxes that hold items such as tacks and strings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, electronics, food, and a whole slew of other items and products.

The product packaging is also used for custom packaging for items that are a certain shape and size. In order to have a better idea about folding carton packaging, it is important to know a bit about its history.

The Background of Folding Carton Packaging

It all started in the 1880s with the invention of a paper packaging system by Charles Henry Foyle. Shortly after, the Robert Gair Company made a mistake with cutting machinery that would change the entire packaging industry. Following the new way that packaging could be incorporated commercially, the Nabisco company implemented the design into their Uneeda Biscuit products.

What is Folding Carton Packaging?

This packaging is designed to have items shipped flat and be able to handle higher-grade and lighter items that can be nestled or stacked. Because the box is foldable, it can be opened and closed as many times as you want without compromising its integrity.

Their inside allows for lithography printing, allowing for the creation of colored images with small typefaces. Then, when a cutting die is used, it is able to cut out the shape of the box. Then embossing, spot varnishing, scoring, and foil blocking are used, and the impact can become a visual marvel.

Folding Carton Types

Folding cartons come in two styles: corrugated and paperboard. These two styles also have significant differences.

Corrugated Folding Cartons

The corrugated style is made of multiple cardboard layers. It also has an inner layer that is ridged and provides greater strength.

Paperboard Folding Cartons

This paperboard is single-layered and used mostly for products in the retail industry.

The Benefits of Folding Carton Packaging

In business, a folding carton comes in handy. They provide a multitude of uses and can be designed in a way that separates them from other items. Plus, the material they use can be recycled, so there is very little environmental impact.

If your business needs a new method for shipping products, then you need to know that a folding carton package can provide quite a few options, such as the ones below.


When the folding carton is sustainable, it is created out of recycled material and scrap paper. This sustainable packaging offers biodegradability and renewable packaging solutions while implementing a smaller amount of material.

Improved Strength

The product packaging for the folding carton has higher strength and will keep products protected so that they are not damaged as they get shipped.

A Great Amount of Versatility

The foldable packaging is able to offer a greater amount of convenience and versatility that caters to the products you offer. This versatile material is able to prevent products from being crushed, wet, or broken.

Folding Carton Printing

There are quite a few printing services that can be incorporated into the graphic design of the packaging and are normally completed digitally or offset.

Printing that is Offset

Having printing that is offset is a method that is commonly used for folding cartons. This option will be implemented when a huge volume of printing is required.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is done when you need fast printing and packaging. This will save you money in the long run, although it may seem generally limited. The images will also be of a high standard and be variable.

Customizing the Finishing Touches

Custom packaging of the folding cartons is possible regardless of the product’s size or shape. Many possibilities exist if you plan to have any appeal added. These details can involve foil stamping, lamination, and embossing.

Other features that can be observed include perforations for easier opening and the use of bottom closure panels. These features can be customized through extra box flaps that are able to increase package strength. This additional strength will then help the package remain sealed.

How Color Pages Can Help with Custom Folding Carton Packaging

Folding box packaging is an effective and efficient packaging method that provides a high level of proficiency in the product packaging world. When using equipment that provides complicated designs, the products are able to be precise and ensure that their transit remains safe with top and bottom closures.

Folding cartons implement patterns that can be folded through manipulation of the packaging in order for the product to be effective and strong and be able to be created cost-effectively. With the methods used to create the packaging, the branding can be consistent and be seen regardless of package handling.

The team at Color Pages has years of experience with custom folding cartons. We will help you design and print the best form of packaging for your products.

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