Why is Custom Product Packaging Important for Cosmetic Products?

Why is Custom Product Packaging Important for Cosmetic Products?

How do cosmetic products benefit from custom product packaging design?

Cosmetic companies always seem surprised to learn their packaging can sometimes be as important as the product they’re trying to sell. The right packaging can launch their product into the stratosphere. The wrong packaging can make your products stay on shelves. The truth is that custom product packaging plays an important role in the display, marketing, and branding of your cosmetic products.

Attractive Packaging

No matter what type of product you’re trying to sell, you always want to create attractive packaging. There’s a lot of competition with cosmetics products. Without an eye-catching package, you’re not likely to stand out amongst other companies selling similar items. You want to use the appropriate blend of colors, fonts, shapes, and any other elements that would be fitting for your particular product.

Brand Awareness

It’s obvious to point out that if people aren’t aware of your brand, then it’ll be much harder for you to succeed, but we’re going to say it anyway. High-quality cosmetics brands can become successful. A big reason for that is because they’ve taken the time to develop their brand identity. One way you can accomplish this is by creating custom product packaging that connects with consumers.

Product Information

With every cosmetic product, there’s a certain pieces of information that your packaging will need to relay. Depending on what you’re selling, you may need to refer to skin tone differences, hair colors, body types, etc. This is also where you’ll include any allergy warnings, instructions, ingredients, and other pieces of information that you think are pertinent and/or make your product more appealing.

Social Media Sharing

You can’t ignore the power of social media. If you can create custom packaging boxes for your cosmetics product that look great, customers may do a bit of marketing for you by sharing their images. You might even get lucky and discover your product and its packaging is being featured in an unpacking video with a popular YouTuber.

Lower Package Costs

When choosing boxes for their products, many companies go with the flow and use standard sizes even when there tends to be a lot of empty space inside. This will cause you to incur higher shipping costs, which will add up when you start shipping a high volume of your product. By creating a customized package that’s designed for the size of your item, you’ll save money on both production and shipping.

Eco-Friendly Design

Today’s consumers are a special breed that will often judge companies on how their products and packaging affects the environment. Part of creating eco-friendly packaging is using less material. A sustainable packaging solution is even better. Whether your packaging is recyclable and/or made from recycled packaging materials, be sure to say that on the front or back so that consumers are aware.

Secure Packaging

If there’s one thing you can do to upset a consumer, it’s to deliver a package that gets damaged in transit. You have to be even more careful when it comes to certain cosmetics products because perfume bottles, nail polishes, and other containers may break and spill out everywhere. Custom product packaging provides you with a solution. By allowing you to secure every type of cosmetic products – including the use of fillers inside to keep the item in place – so that the product gets there unharmed every time.

Display Opportunities

With certain cosmetic products, telling consumers about the product or showing an image of it may not suffice. The consumer may want to see the product itself when dealing with items like eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc. because they want to be 100% positive that it will match their skin tone. Creating a custom package where the product is displayed in a plastic window or bubble is the perfect solution.

Product Marketing

Many companies underestimate the power that their products packaging has for marketing purposes. It’s a huge component. When you design custom cosmetic packaging that identifies your brand, stands out amongst your competition, and looks great, you can add it to your marketing materials. If you do it right, some customers may even be able to immediately identify your brand company by the packaging alone.

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