How Product Packaging Affects Consumers

How Product Packaging Affects Consumers

How do consumers react to product packaging?

Many of today’s businesses are missing out on a golden opportunity because they’re not creating the right type of packaging for their products. They underestimate the power of custom product packaging, which leads to falling profits. To give you an idea of why a custom design is so important, let’s take a look at some of the ways that product packaging affects today’s consumers.

Helps Them Identify Brands

If you want consumers to remember your company, then it’s important that you concentrate on branded packaging. When you create a design that prominently features your company’s logo and anything else affiliated with your brand, they’re more likely to remember it in the future. This is the best way to become recognizable and create a good following.

Gives a Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

In many different industries, purchasing a product often comes down to the types of emotion that the product and its packaging exudes. By adding eye-catching images and other related details, your packaging can attract more buyers. If you can design packaging that gives consumers a warm, fuzzy feeling, then you’re already a step ahead.

Makes a Great First Impression

Everyone knows that making a great impression is essential in both a personal and professional sense. Designing high-quality, custom product packaging will help draw more people toward your product and company. If your product matches up to a need or desire they have, then they may be willing to check it out and see if they like it.

Provides Them with Answers

The biggest reason a person will buy a product is because it fulfills some kind of need, even if it’s simply a need for entertainment. If you can design product packaging that provides them with answers about your product and clues them in as to why they should try it out, then you could have a customer for life. This is especially important with pharmaceutical products where they’ll need to know very specific details about the item you’re selling.

Spontaneous Urge to Purchase

Although it might sound strange to think that a person will purchase a product based on packaging, it happens more often than you’ve probably realized. Very often, it’s because the package has presented the product in such a way that the consumer simply can’t resist grabbing it. In some cases, they may not even be able to explain the spontaneous urge – all they know is that they must have the product.

Feel Good About “Going Green”

Many of today’s consumers are extremely concerned with the environment and want to find ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. This includes buying products from companies that have taken steps to “go green.” Using eco-friendly packaging, such as recyclable or recycled boxes, can lean many people toward your product over another.

Makes Customers Want to Share

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet and especially social media has made us an even more visual society than we have been in the past. A great package design will often impress people to the point where they’ll want to share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some other social platform. You may even get lucky and a YouTuber will decide to do an unboxing of your product.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Product Packaging

Your goal should always be to design a package that stands out amongst similar products. Color Pages can help you with that through our graphic design and professional printing services. For questions about custom product packaging or any of the other design services we offer, reach out by giving us a call at (727) 530-3370 today.
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