9 Common Design Issues to Avoid for Custom Packaging

9 Common Design Issues to Avoid for Custom Packaging

How to avoid common design issues on custom packaging boxes.

Product packaging for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, and every other product involves some type of packaging that’s meant to advertise what your brand and what you’re selling, provide information to the consumer, protect the items inside, and other such benefits. No matter what type of product your company creates and distributes, it’s important that you spend time designing the perfect package. The problem is many companies are doing it wrong and they don’t even realize it. Our goal today is to help you avoid potential designs issues when developing your custom packaging boxes, so we’ve put together some common packaging mistakes that we’ve noticed over the years.

Lackluster/Forgettable Design

When you set out to create custom packaging boxes, you have the opportunity to design a high-quality product. Too often, though, the packaging doesn’t stand out and ends up being just another forgettable design amongst many others on the shelf or in an online storefront. One of the last things you want to do is to create lackluster product packaging everyone ignores.

The Packaging Doesn’t Explain the Product

In addition to holding and protecting your product, custom packaging boxes also give you the opportunity to explain what the product is and what it does. A big mistake many companies make is not explaining the product properly to someone who isn’t familiar with it. This can be especially true when it’s a product that serves a unique function from other items that are already on the market.

The Package Is Difficult to Open

It’s probably safe to say that everyone out there has experienced a package that’s been infuriating to open. There are several product box design options that will prevent a recipient from being forced to cut the package open with scissors or tear into it like a wild animal. Designing a package that’s easy to open could lead to a pleasant unboxing experience which may be shared online with others.

Inadequate Damage Protection

With so many design options available when creating custom packaging boxes, you really have no excuse to design a package that doesn’t protect your product. Yet, many companies send their products in boxes where the items aren’t properly secured, allowing them to become dislodged during shipping. This can lead to damage of the product or any accessories that have been included.

Wasted Space and Resources

One of the most common mistakes made with custom packaging boxes is that they’re simply too big. This raises your production costs because you’re using more material than you need and your shipping costs because they’ll require more cargo room. In a retail situation, where shelf space is sacred, fewer packages of your product will be able to fit in the space you’ve been allotted.

Mistakes in Layout or Printing

If you make a mistake in your packaging layout or printing, then you’re stuck with it for an entire run. Even something as simple as misspelled words can make you look extremely unprofessional. In some cases, mistakes can lead to the product being used improperly or in ways that it was never intended, which can sometimes lead to damaging of the product or even injury liabilities if the mistake causes unsafe usage.

Package Isn’t Eco-Friendly

Today’s consumers don’t just want the companies they buy from to worry about the environment – they insist on it. If your package isn’t eco-friendly, many people will automatically have a negative view of your company. You can solve this by using corrugated boxes and other types of products that are either recyclable, reusable, or both. This will help put your business into their good graces.

There’s Too Much Going On

There are so many different customization options available for product packaging that companies sometimes go a bit overboard. If you use too many bold colors or fill every single inch of your package with a visual, this can be overwhelming and distracting to consumers. In many cases, it’s best to choose minimalism over sensationalism when designing your product packaging.

No Better Than Competitors

Battling against your competitors is simply a fact of doing business in today’s market. Even when you have a unique product that definitely stands out, this might not be apparent if your packaging doesn’t stand out, as well. It’s a good idea to take a look at what your competitors are already doing, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and then improve upon their design.

Contact Color Pages for Custom Packaging Boxes

No matter what type of product you’re offering, the package’s design is a crucial element. Color Pages offers a one-stop shop for professional printing services and graphic design. If you have any questions about how we can help you create custom packaging boxes or for help with any other design or print needs, contact us by calling (727) 530-3370 today to schedule a free consultation.
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